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Sep 25 2019

sh4rP-.- added a comment to T496: Gameplay Balancing - PERKS / One Time Buy / New Arma players.

It's too late to do anything now in my opinion, the vehicle side of the gamemode needed balancing years ago, since then, not much happened except parity thresholds which didn't/don't do big improvements. When i see some inf guy join a vehicle server, the first thing i hear half the time is, "its bullshit that we can get blasted from 3km by a tank", and with the current update interval, doubt anything will happen anytime soon.

Sep 25 2019, 1:30 PM · King of the Hill

Mar 12 2019

sh4rP-.- added a comment to T511: How to report player?.

I'm tired of people camping and killing immediately out of the safezone, and there is a 500m minimum distance you shall keep to that zone.

None of the officials(C4G,,EPM, MGT,revolt(not sure about those ones on their side)) currently have that rule. If this was happening on a vehicle server, the spawn camping usually happens when a team gets stacked, there's a constant rant going on about it.
Here's a discord sheet:

Mar 12 2019, 12:58 PM
sh4rP-.- added a comment to T229: King of the Hill jet selling pad?.

-1, keep as is, if you want to sell a jet you can baseland, just need a bit of practice, UNLESS there are no other jets in the air, at which point it might be okay.. but i'm not a fan of this. This also just adds more "pussying" to current meta. People running in shikras for whole game, they would be able to just sell their jet when landed on an airport. Instead i recommend you taking a look here:, where jet selling should actually be forced due to outnumbering other teams after winning a fight. Imagine following situation: x team buys a jet, y team buys 2 jets, x team buys 2 more jets, y team buys 1 more jet, currently, both x and y got 3 jets, x team kills all 3jets of y without losing a single one. X team now controls the air with 3 jets, and they start to destroy stuff, this already puts up a stacked situation, IF y team does not rebuy jets(which usually people don't,after getting killed). T501 ticket addresses a perfect solution.

Mar 12 2019, 12:51 PM
sh4rP-.- added a comment to T311: KOTH - Elaborating the Explosive perk.

Well i guess i can also add something about nerfing here. MAAWS(HEAT) is way too strong in vehicle servers, consider lowering the amount of rockets with explosive perk to 2. Players group up, and get like 4 guys total in a car, which is 12 maaws rockets, it can destroy anything with such amount.

Mar 12 2019, 12:45 PM · King of the Hill

Jan 21 2019

sh4rP-.- added a comment to T496: Gameplay Balancing - PERKS / One Time Buy / New Arma players.

Even if it costs 500k, the titan AA or AT just don’t fit perm buy option. Something like MAAWS shouldn’t be available for permanent purchase. On the other hand alamut is fine. MAAWS can one shot up to APC level, that includes AA aswell, which is pretty good, considering the guy in the tank might not even be aware of you. You also get 3 rockets, which is an overkill imo.

Jan 21 2019, 8:30 AM · King of the Hill

Nov 19 2018

sh4rP-.- added a comment to T457: Overstacked vehicles should be forcefully sold when the player rearms them..

Interesting idea, and would work for sure. Solid +1. However people would just spam pawnees, APCs or tigrises then. So i think something should be done additionally to this. Might seem quite obvious, but just as a reminder, ofc you would need to teleport the guy back to the spawn if force sell happened in a jet.

Nov 19 2018, 3:24 PM · King of the Hill

Nov 15 2018

sh4rP-.- added a comment to T474: Reworking jets to allow more variety..

400 rounds suck if you never commit to a stallfight with shikra. Show me a clip of someone killing 20 jets with 40 tratnyrs, you know sometimes they don't die from 2taps?

Nov 15 2018, 11:06 AM · King of the Hill

Nov 14 2018

sh4rP-.- added a comment to T474: Reworking jets to allow more variety..

If you nerf loadout of the shikra it becomes useless. Every jet does. The reason wasp doesn't get played that often is because of shikra, guess what would happen if you nerfed shikra/removed it. You talk about giving wasp total of 1200 rounds, do you want to make a wipeout out of that thing? And I've seen level 80s already spamming them(buzzards). Shikra cannon is completely useless on fast moving targets, e.g another shikra going 800kmh. It does it's best when you manage to stall fight someone(which rarely happens these days, everyone just runs, HENCE why i'm asking for the border)

Nov 14 2018, 9:03 PM · King of the Hill
sh4rP-.- added a comment to T474: Reworking jets to allow more variety..

Add border, e.g like in battlefield, when you go into the "dark" area, you get like 5seconds to come back, or you die(gets rid off quote("And even if you have a shikra, shikra vs. shikra "dogfights" are usually just on following the other at 1510ish km/h."). If people really got a problem with shikra AA(don't know where is the issue, they do shit damage), well, swapping them out for some tratnyr FFAR is a good option. Buzzard should stay where it is, people already spam it, i noticed it. More about the AA, i don't think it's hard to position yourself side on the jet you're fighting against, and not fly headon, so flare script comes in. quote("Loadout could stay the same. I'd reduce the price a bit though, as this jets is basically defenseless against other jets, since it handles so slug-ish. It's slow, has basically no acceleration; it basically relies on base AA or other jets to stay alive, otherwise it is pretty much dead."), hell no, reducing price is not a good move. People usually play wipeout really safe, and bait to tigrises when possible, which makes them pretty much untouchable at that point(described). The whole baiting thing has became way more active than before. Possible loadout for shikra:

Nov 14 2018, 7:29 PM · King of the Hill

Sep 3 2018

sh4rP-.- added a comment to T467: Shikra and Vehicle Rewards.

Kill rewards are fine, what i don't like is assists. Someone that flies something like a kajman or blackfish makes 1/2 of what gunners makes. Even tho pilot does everything, gives a shot to the gunners and all that. I personally don't care about shikra AA, as long as it's not SR i'm fine with it. It seems like it does very little damage now(not defending anything), i'm fully okay with switching those 4 adders out for 20AP/20HE tratnyrs and so on, FFARs are fun for me to kill jets with. Assists should be reverted back to 9.6, where you got same amount of money as a full kill, but less xp. Or awarding everyone with a tank, equally to the gunner, e.g, gunner gets assist on something,whole tank crew gets it aswell. Say gunner destroys a tank, everyone gets full kill reward inside the tank. That's definetly needed. It's just overall unfair sometimes, say commander spots a tank,gunner shoots him, and driver dodges the incoming tank shells, whole crew works together, but only gunner gets full kill, while others get 1/2, it's really unfair, just discourages teamwork.

Sep 3 2018, 6:32 PM · King of the Hill

Aug 16 2018

sh4rP-.- added a comment to T460: Remove the shikra and make y-32 have less armor.

AA isn't a big deal with new flares, however it outturns every jet(To-201 Shikra). With v11testv5 version, ammo got buffed to 600, i guess it's okay exchange for 80FFARs(tratnyrs) it had. However, the jet can easily destroy 2 heavy armoured vehicles with the 2 KAB-250s. There isn't really a good way to balance this jet. Either you nerf it so no one plays it, or you remove it. Shikra is still a good way to wipe stacked aircraft, so i guess it's a counter to that. But anyway, in koth, when you disable one jet,people will prioritize some sort of other jet, in my opinion A-149 Gryphon most likely, because it's cheap, has 2 broken SR missiles, 4bombs, and 400 cannon. Gryphon needs amraams in my opinion, to prevent 2clicks 2 hits, bims hit very often in close ranges, even the flare script fails to deflect most of the time. For the xian, easy solution is to count it into to jets threshold, and not Attack Helicopter threshold. And i agree on the damage model, it definetly takes too much to kill it.

Aug 16 2018, 9:29 AM

Dec 22 2017

sh4rP-.- added a comment to T333: Countermeasure perk doesn't work with F18 Black Wasp.

its a problem on your side, for me it works just fine

Dec 22 2017, 6:09 PM · King of the Hill

Oct 21 2017

sh4rP-.- added a comment to T304: Some suggestions to balance and improve the Air Gameplay. .

:D, i wont even discuss here anymore, its getting worse everytime i open this page, taking cash for locking what ? LUL, @scav i suggest doing same for you, if they think like that, lets just get away from here. Many people here are only taking decisions on US1, where shikra is disabled, you should think about everything, and play on other servers like EPM. Thats how all threads go, people over talk so fc***n hard

Oct 21 2017, 9:41 AM · King of the Hill

Oct 9 2017

sh4rP-.- added a comment to T304: Some suggestions to balance and improve the Air Gameplay. .

play current meta, then write suggestions, those cannons are hard to aim , big recoil. Price change is probably what would fix it. Removing all AA and leaving it only on new jets, will increase spamming even more, more people would play AA jet, and most of CAS jets will be thrown away.

Oct 9 2017, 3:44 PM · King of the Hill

Sep 24 2017

sh4rP-.- added a comment to T304: Some suggestions to balance and improve the Air Gameplay. .

its hard to land that thing, and iam sure it will be target one on jet server for jets when someone sees it, also stable wireguide is impossible in xian, because you constantly move, in kajman howewer you can get fast ez kills before you get taken down, in xian you need conditions in order to get a kill, go high, and dive from above, at that point you will be already dead to a jet

Sep 24 2017, 3:35 PM · King of the Hill

Sep 23 2017

sh4rP-.- added a comment to T304: Some suggestions to balance and improve the Air Gameplay. .

So we'll move from long range AA spam to short range AA spam ?

dude, we are just trying to balance stuff out for now, shikra already has 4rockets, all we are trying to do is buff wasp, and balance out the prices. It doesnt mean that those prices i posted must be exactly same, those are just an example, for samatra to look at. Loadouts are also questionable.

Sep 23 2017, 8:42 AM · King of the Hill

Sep 21 2017

sh4rP-.- added a comment to T304: Some suggestions to balance and improve the Air Gameplay. .

i would go with price revamping like scav suggested, but many poor people disagree with it, which is expected. My solution would be just something like this:
A-143 Buzzard (CAS): 8000$ (2x ASRAAM;2x MK82 Bomb;500x 20mm twin cannon)
A-149 Gryphon: 10000$ (2x BIM9x SR;2x GBU-12; 500x 20mm M61 Minigun, preferably just adding 2x mags for 250)
To-199 Neophron (CAS): 11000$, same loadout as right now;
A-164 Wipeout (CAS): 11000$, same loadout as right now;
F/A-181 Black Wasp II: 13000$, (4x SR BIM9x, 24x DAR,1x GBU-12,450x 20mm M61 Minigun)
To-201 Shikra: 15000$ (4x SR R-73 Archer, 600x 20mm Twin Cannon, 360x Gsh 30mm Cannon)

Sep 21 2017, 1:22 PM · King of the Hill

Sep 12 2017

sh4rP-.- added a comment to T304: Some suggestions to balance and improve the Air Gameplay. .

^, exactly, jets should cost alot more, people will say, "Hey but poor people cant afford them", well thats not our problem,we can see what clearly happens when there is a cheap jet, in this case buzzard, people just spam it no matter what.

Make jets 2-4 times more expensive

I agree with this, jets should cost ALOT more if you look at what they can do, and how powerful they are. Maybe not that many cannon ammo, maybe 2x of what new jets currently have.

Sep 12 2017, 12:03 PM · King of the Hill

Sep 7 2017

sh4rP-.- added a comment to T304: Some suggestions to balance and improve the Air Gameplay. .

And the 90 deg vertical dive radar bug, also needs to be fixed.

havent heard of something like radar bug? unless you are talking about smoke abusing from 90degree, only bug with bombs where u just rlock them and u can drop them from wherever u want thats still in bohemia's work, nothing that samatra can change in this place. I still dont understand people, they start a discussion about jets and shit, aa rockets gbu lock bug etc then there is a guy who talks about completely different stuff like adding atgms which would make koth even worse. Then another guy talks about IRL heat seeking missiles etc, koth isnt about real life, and its not a gamemode that follows and tries to make this "war" experience like milsim. Koth will never be realistic, and it shouldnt even be. They added Central damage, where 1rocket reks you completely. So lets go ahead and discuss about it, about stuff that we really want to be changed RIGHT NOW, not "add atgm" instead of gbu. I understand that discussion is for everyone and shit, but there is no reason to talk about completely different stuff that isnt needed atm. Lets wait for tank DLC, then maybe we will need ATGM's who knows, no1 knows how aa tanks are going to work.
Iam not trying to be mean to anyone, but its just my personal opinion on those discussions that people make on koth, starts from somewhere where it should start, then goes down hill where people talk things that arent needed.
Another quick thing

Sep 7 2017, 1:14 PM · King of the Hill

Sep 6 2017

sh4rP-.- added a comment to T304: Some suggestions to balance and improve the Air Gameplay. .

yeah, i was playing with a guy , he said that bohemia didnt even know about that stuff (he made a bugreport), so they will fix it with next update

Sep 6 2017, 5:01 PM · King of the Hill
sh4rP-.- added a comment to T304: Some suggestions to balance and improve the Air Gameplay. .

Remove the bombs and replace them with ATGMs, because you get a warning for Atgms, they also require the target to be hot, so a new tigris cant be locked right away, only after a bit of time.

Sep 6 2017, 2:04 PM · King of the Hill

Sep 5 2017

sh4rP-.- added a comment to T306: Light attack helo suggestion.

give it 12 or so DAGRs

no dagrs please, another insane mistake if dagrs are added, you already get drained hard for smokes once outside SZ, many manpads even post AT nerf. But hellcat, it really needs a nerf, now that it got radar, you can rek a 9k tank with ~16skyfires, if u dont potato aim, i think reverting where it was (24dars 5000rnd minigun 7,62) would be a better change, or bumping price up to 6k, because its really there, its almost a kajman but without scalpels.
orca should have 1x 6.5 Gatling gun + 12 DAR like before dont see much reason why it was even changed.
You cant prevent spam of 1vehicle, everytime there will be one "best" vehicle of that genre. If u add dagrs to hellcat, every1 will use it, pawnee wont see much play what so ever, if u add AA rockets to orca, everyone will spam it, because it will be effective.

Sep 5 2017, 1:23 PM · King of the Hill

Sep 4 2017

sh4rP-.- added a comment to T304: Some suggestions to balance and improve the Air Gameplay. .

I think the neo and wipeout deserve some more flares considering they are both CAS jets and have a fair price I think the neo is pretty good for 8k

i agree even tho many people will say that cas jets already have a good chance vs new jets, but from my experience, i run out flares pretty quick, because u need to preflare vs shikras or the broken buzzard so u break their lock.
Just remove AA rockets from buzzard and leave it for 4k (then people will cry that it doesnt have any chance and it will be useless jet, but i think this is what most pilots want), or bump its price hard, to 7k or something.

Sep 4 2017, 1:12 PM · King of the Hill

Sep 3 2017

sh4rP-.- added a comment to T304: Some suggestions to balance and improve the Air Gameplay. .

lvl 204 here

As above Jet fired AA should be left as is, its the only way to counter other Air vehicles.

i would change this up to "As above Jet fired AA should be left as is, its the only way to counter other Air vehicles for noobs."
You can kill jets in alot of ways, Blackwasp has DARs, neo has he rockets and so on. Main thing is cannon, you can kill alot of air vehicles with it. Especially the wipeout. Buzzard has best sranges "ASRAAM" therfor price should be changed back where it was, or even higher, everytime i jump on vehicle servers, most jets will be buzzards, because theyre effective for their price. You only need to tag a single jet, with cannon or hit your srange, and you are already making jet back if your team is somewhat scoring for bonus.

About damage control. It killed dogfight in Koth, now when you are hit its finished, just press ESC and respawn. And most of the time, 1 single hit is enough to disable your control. With the high number of Jets in the sky in Koth, you always get hit. There is just no difference between dying and getting control destroyed.

thats absolutely correct, the new damage model is for milsim, it doesnt fit into koth by any way. You cant win outnumbered fights anymore, unless enemies just cannon you, there you can outskill them, but i havent came up to a fight like that, usually its just run away rocket run away rocket rinse and repeat. Its just time between you stop preflaring and get rocketed by some level 20 pleb in buzzard. Many people will say that buzzard is a jet for new pilots, but often i see level 100+s spamming them.

Sep 3 2017, 1:17 PM · King of the Hill