Welcome to the Sa-Matra Phabricator instance. This website is our main project management and dev tool.

As guest you may inspect reported tickets and tasks and see what we are up to. Registered users can post new tickets. You will find all tickets in the Maniphest Application.

Here are some rules for posting tickets:

    • Only post bugs you can clearly reproduce.
    • Add screenshots, videos or error messages to your report.
    • Use the bug tracker search function to see if your problem was already reported. Most existing bugs are known and already fixed (but not released).
    • Please make sure, you have installed any additional mods correctly and your download is valid. Most error messages like "No entry bin/config/blah " can be resolved by re-downloading / verifying your mods. Do this by Verifying ArmA 3 in Steam (for workshop items).
    • We accept feature requests. If you have something in mind, ensure it is clearly explained and laid out!
  • Do NOT assign bugs/feature requests to team members without being asked first.
  • Do NOT edit the default policies set when creating a ticket unless it's an exploitable bug.
  • Do not assign tasks to developers or staff without permission, you can, however, tag them freely within the task. Just do not spam.
IMPORTANT: We no longer support ANY missions prior to v12.

We will close any tickets that violate these rules and may suspend your account!



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