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KOTH Team Balance System
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Hello there I have a suggestion or you can say it "complain" about the KOTH team balance system, is unbearable when I am playing with friends we are in the same group and for no reason I am getting kicked out to other team because of the team balance, happened today 3 times while all the teams was equal balanced nontheless my team (OPFOR) had less people than BLUEFOR that I got kicked to, I would love to see some respond on that issue since is "annoying".
Thanks in Advance!

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The same team balanced setup has been used for years now. It has not changed and getting team balanced when all teams are equal is not a thing. It is worth noting the system counts the players in game. Not the ones in lobby showing as Opfor or bluefor.

If it was the way you suggested we would have had further reports on it. If you wanna play with your friends and not get balanced, don't play in large groups. Keep it small. For further info join ask in discord.

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