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Killing pilot doesn't give passenger kills
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So over the time, my aim has gotten much better so I've managed to shoot pilots out of their helis a lot of times. The only downside to this is that I don't get the kills for the passengers who were in the heli of the guy who I killed. So I would like a script to be added that works as following (I am not a coder but just a example) "P1 = Pilot" "P2 = Shooter" "P3 = Passenger". "If P3 in a vehicle being driven by P1 then P1 get killed by P3 = Add 1 kill to P3" Would appreciate if something like this could be implemented as like I am the one who shoots the pilot out the of the heli which results in the passengers dying so I should get the kills for the passengers too in my oppinion.

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