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Infantry KOTH suggestion (capture points)
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KOTH has been going on now for at least 4 years+ now. Since the new update of priority zones bein added and the new leaderboard system which we all enjoy and appreciate. Could we see another suggestion being added? My suggestion really only goes for infantry servers since I'm not sure how it would work for non infantry servers.

At three random given times in the game a capture point will spawn. Now this will be out of the AO ranging from 300-600m out yes some of the other teams bases might be closer to it than others but the capture point is worth the risk. The capture point is a very small AO (small red circle with a flag in the middle). The more players there are in the cap point on one team means that they will cap (its the same as the main AO and how that works). If one group successfully caps the cap point 10 or 15 points are rewarded to their team.

The cap point gives players the same amount of money and xp as the priority does (leading to more players being attracted to it). All the players on the server at the top right of their screen will all get the notification 5 minutes prior that a cap point will spawn. As well as when that cap point spawns it will notify them.

Also if you guys think its ballanced players could be rewarded extra after capping the cap point possibly 500$ and 500xp?

The reason I’m suggesting this is KOTH need something new to spice it up a little. We love KOTH including the community that play here but with this suggestion I don’t see any reason why it should NOT be added. Tell me what you think about this i do understand how some of the KOTH devs don't like change to their server as its been going fine for the past 5 years. Yet i believe infantry servers will enjoy a good update involving this.

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