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Mini-map Datalink not showing on initial join
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A fairly irritating issue which has been around for as long as I can remember;
When joining the server at the start of a mission and opening your minimap you can see all player icons and vehicle icons as intended, however when you get in a helicopter you cannot. This is increasingly frustrating for pilots.

Upon exiting the helicopter, you can see everything again as intended, however the problem being if you are a dedicated pilot, you do not leave your helicopter.

Respawning does not fix this issue, however what does fix this issue is going back to the lobby and rejoining, which often kills any momentum that you have.

This issue does not arise when joining midway through a game.

I'm unsure if this happens on Vanilla KotH, although I imagine it does considering the script probably doesn't differ much across Vanilla and RHS variants. I'm also unaware if this happens in ground vehicles, although once again I imagine it does.

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