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Safezone mechanic in vanilla KotH
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We at C4G ran into a lot of issues with tanks shooting from right next to spawn at targets outside their safezone and abuse their spawn protection. We asked for the ability to shoot out of your safezone for 1944. Tanks in 1944 can't really engage targets VERY far out. On vanilla KotH the tanks can shoot from some points of their safezone into the AO or at helis hovering 4km out.
It is difficult for users to report these safezone abuses and it is much work for admins.

We would like the option to turn off the ability for tanks to shoot from safezone (only able to fire out when they left already, like it used to be).
For 1944 it can stay as it is.

tl;dr: tanks can fire from next to repair bay and then drive some meters and be safe again. That is op and needs to go.

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