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Personalized priority areas
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I'd find it interesting if players would get personalized priority areas. These could be smaller AOs (about 1/2 the size) of the current priority area, placed in random location within the AO.

A player could have for examples 5 minutes to get into "his objective" (maybe a secure and hold marker) and then stay within the circle for a random amount of time.

While he is within the objective, all rewards should be multiplied (~1.5 - 2x). There should also be "bonus missions" such as get x kills, revive x teammates or similar.

If the objective is finished, a reward depending on the amount of time spent inside, enemies killed etc. should be given.

If the player dies while holding, the timer should stop and not resume when revived, as I think that would make gameplay too easy for big groups.

The purpose of this proposal is so that people have to move to different locations throughout the AO instead of just moving with the priority zone.

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