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Add Helicopter Fuel Loadout Editor to KOTH to Allow AFM Pilots to Reduce Fuel Weight
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Advanced Flight Model is really hard, but one can develop strong skills with effort. Yet one thing that pilots can't control in KOTH is that they have no option to pre-configure their fuel loadout (or ammo loadout in the case of armed helis or jets if you'd like to extend this that far). In AFM, the weight of the fuel and even the individual passengers and their respective loadouts all realistically contribute to the gross weight, right? And because AFM flight characteristics are so affected by weight, pilots should be allowed to have some say in how much their helicopter weighs, to the extent that a real pilot would by not taking on more fuel than is safe or necessary.

If one wants to carry a full load of 7 or 8 passengers in the Hummingbird or RHS Littlebird, respectively, and especially if the passengers are fully-kitted, this can't be done unless maybe the helicopter is already low on fuel. I'm not entirely sure what the limits are, as I usually have to repair before I get low on fuel, although when I do go long periods without refueling, the flight performance gets demonstrably better. Being able to control this as a real pilot would, at least while in AFM on KOTH, would be really cool. I suppose it's not necessary for SFM, although maybe not a bad idea to enable. Can you add a laptop near the repair pad to enable such loadout functionality?

Would be super cool for us dedicated AFM pilots!


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I should rephrase, it's not that a full load "can't be done", but it's really unwise to take on 7 passengers in the Hummingbird and try to fly like you would with 2 passengers. In both Hummingbird and RHS Littlebird, I've experienced different versions of a full load of passengers, and I do believe that effect to be cause by passenger loadout weights. Chopper full of noobs is easier to fly than one full of totally kitted out level 100s with ammo and explosive perks. It really does get so bad with some fully-kitted crews that, especially in the RHS Littlebird, the helicopter can not fly out of ground effect or really operate safely at all. That's a cool affect to have in the game, but it needs to be balanced with the ability for the pilot to choose how much fuel to take on. I think that's a very logical and probably easy addition to the game. It would add a very interesting dynamic in that you could choose to go high performance mode at the expense of loiter time. Very cool.

Is this doable?