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Add ammo to under used marksman weapons.
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Please add more mags to the Mk14, EMR, Mk18, Spar17, Car95 (6.5 Apex dmr I think) rahime, mxm. Add perhaps 15 mags total with ammo for 7.62 20 round mags. Perhaps 10 mags of 6.5 for the 30 round mags. 15 mags for the Car95 20round mags

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Sorry I have no idea how to even use this site so that was the best I could do

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I asked him to create this ticket for me. Gonna implement this later after 1944.

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Rahim can definitely use more ammo, believe it or not I like the Rahim. Mk 14 can get some ammo too no one uses it lol. Ya also MXM needs more mags for sure. Least used guns should get more ammo it's good idea.