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Round Length
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Currently rounds take up to about 4 hours which gets very stale and stacked, especially on vehicle servers.
My suggestion is to cut the speed of the ticks from 40s to 20s or even more and maybe reduce the reward for being in AO accordingly.
Alternatively reduce the amount of point needed to win and/or make them adjustable for server owners.

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I understand how some long games can be frustrating but if a game last that long its because all 3 teams have high AO points. I know they can occasionally draw out but I think those are better games than just a stack dominating quick rounds. You could perhaps offer an opt out. If you've played in a match for like an hour or every hour you can choose to leave the match with your current "winnings" but you can't reconnect until that match ends, or for like 30 minutes.

Every little tweak and change that KOTH has gone through has changed gameplay little by little, these have often been ideas like "ohh I know what would be good" or the most common "some people are too good with this one thing and too many people are complaining about how OP it is cause they are too fucking stupid to learn to counter it / these people have now killed sooooo many people allllll the fucking time and are now killing the server, its time to remove or limit it and try to get some people playing again"

Do you remember when there wasn't a bonus ? And when it was started only the winning team got something ? In those days, in the last 15-25 points people would start shouting at the fucking AO morons who run around like headless chickens in the AO to group up, hold your tower, back each other up, let them come to you. And the last 1/4 of the match would get really fucking intense. This occasionally happens now but not often. Infantry on the militarised servers used to be something different to what it is now.

I can see people's frustrations with long games, but i'd rather have teams fighting than 1 team just dominating to a quick victory. I think competition is more interesting.