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Eject from vehicle must be changed ASAP
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I would like to bring attention to a problem with the "Eject from vehicle command".

Helicopters and cars, tanks etc are constantly left idling in the AO or outside. Because the Pilot / Driver used "Eject from vehicle" or got killed.
Just a single car or transport vehicle running on idle in the AO is a pain to listen too.
Why is this such a big problem. Well Arma 3 audio is terrible. The engine sounds penetrates steel and bricks like its not there. )
It can be 3 blocks away but you can still hear it as it was parked 3m away.
But 1 car idling is peanuts compared to when we have 1 Mohawk AND hummingbird AND Hunter and even more, running on idle at the same time in the AO.
That's a MASSIVE amount of pure sound pollution. Especially since the engine sounds penetrates houses and material like its not even there.

Earplugs is of great help of coerce but it was implemented for use inside vehicles. Not as a means to block audio from vehicles idling in the AO.
Telling people to turn of the engine off doesn't work. They don't care Or the LC might be too Hot. Or perhaps they are dead.
Its also common for Pilots and Drivers to park helicopters and cars behind buildings. Making them hard to hit with rockets.
Witch is why they are often left there running for a looong time. Some land in open areas because its easier. If the pilot is killed, it can take quite some time before its blown up.

Everybody I talk to absolutely HATE this unnecessary and unwanted noise pollution. I'm sure we will all enjoy the gameplay and sounds much more without it.

I suggest the following.

Eject from vehicle automatically turns the engine Off.
Engines turns OFF 5 sec after leaving vehicle with Eject. At the most = to the time it takes to heal a player. ( In case of a quick rescue / escape mission. )
Optional: Get out and Eject turns engine Off and earplugs are Enable and disable automatically when entering or leaving vehicle.

Please support so we can get this on high priority.

Thanks for reading

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Just turn it off or shoot at it?
I sometimes leave it on as a tactic or if I want to get back into my heli without being at risk or just having to wait the seconds until it powers on completely.