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CODEFOURGAMING *Server suggestions* Group incentives and weapon selection rework
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Groups make team play more encouraged and make sticking together much more effective, especially with extra points/xp/money for moving as a unit. A game like arma is made much better by that function by the C4G servers kind of lack on that front, making do that no one wants to play in groups since “they don’t benefit at all”. Just a thought. Also a rework on the gun unlocks might be in order. It seems like it’s a bit hard to unlock weapons and usually new players to the server are destroyed by zafiro or navid, while being stuck with TRGS and katiba, it kind of looks like a “suck it up and get better or play more” mantra, which is difficult with the constant OPFOR stack (sometimes upwards of 36 players) all sitting in mid towers with navids that have almost no time to kill. There has to be a balance to keep the servers fun, at this point, indi and blu are just struggling to even get in the zone without being gunned down by LMGS with bipods on T4. Another issue that needs to be looked at is team balance and kicking players that arent contributing. The last few days players give up because of the aforementioned team stacking, but instead of leaving and giving the slot to someone that will try, they just sit at spawn destroying friendly choppers and transports or even going to nearby building to be stupid and do “dance battles”. Again taking slots from other potential players that actually want to challenge and get stuff done. I am new to C4G and a perms buy donator, and have been gone from arma for over 3 years so many things have gone down hill, but this is an attempt to try to better the game for those that want a good gaming experience. If some of these issues have ways to work them already I am open to use what y’all have in place. Just a thought.

Thank you C4G admins.

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