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Dragging bodies in KotH
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As it seems you guys gonna work on the next version of koth, a feature from wasteland would be nice: "dragging bodies".

So often we have teamates fallen in middle of the street, and we are shot down while reviving, because of an obvious uncovered position. Smokes help a bit, but even with a full cloud around, it's so easy to spray 'n pray through the cloud, mostly with high caliber machineguns.

I'm definitly not a scripter or developper, but as far as I experienced Arma3, it looks like most of the "Dragging body" scripts implies to manage the caracters as soon as they fall down. This is not very aestetic in the game, as it shows unbending bodies while being shot. Such a script would, IMO, definitly deteriorate the KotH experience.
On the other side, if you guys succeed to script a "Drag body" feature in KotH not deteriorating the Arma 3 original body killing cinematics, it could be, I think, a nice progression in the KotH Experience.

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This isn't possible without engine changes and without mods.


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but why it's working on wasteland ??? they don't have any mod to download