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Vehicle Kill Rewards
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Some people complain that vehicle rewards are too low, in some cases they are too high even.

Often people complain that they as driver get less money than their gunner. Assists that the gunner gets, give the driver nothing for example and even if the gunner kills, the driver gets much less than previously.

I would like to see a change like this: if possible give the driver also assist money when the gunner gets an assist for a vehicle he hit.
Jet pilots always get the same amount for kills (can stay like it is).

In gunships, tanks and so on, it should work like this:
If the person is alone in the vehicle, he should get full amount of money (more than currently). He has a higher risk of getting killed and also has "less eyes" and a harder time killing anything, also he earns less money in total than a team where everyone gets rewards for one kill.

When there are more persons in a vehicle, they get money according to a formula. So instead of the gunner getting 100% and the commander and driver 50% everyone gets 75% or even less when it is more than two people.
This would maybe also stop people farming on seats with little to no function, but count as seats that earn assists when the gunner kills something.

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