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Request to change point tick rate.
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Has there been any consideration into lowering the time it takes to gain points, as it currently stands it seems to be affecting the games health
Minimum time for a round to complete is 66 minutes, max time can exceed 2 hours.
-players are hold hostage for up to 2 hours(very long time) to earn their bonus
-players lose interest mid match and take long breaks
-players afk the last 10+ mins of a game if they think the other team is just going to win (there's no reason to go for a win since there is no strict winning bonus)

The suggestion being that it only take 20 seconds to earn a point but earn $50/xp per point instead(keeps the money/xp earnings consistent with current rates) That way minimum match times are ~30mins to ~60+mins (still fairly long rounds)
This way people don't have to commit up to 2 hours to get their bonus, maps cycle more frequently and helps retain attention span throughout match etc.

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