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Vehicle (mostly planes) player count problem
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When the player count drops below the required amount for the vehicle, you can't buy it anymore.
When one team has planes in the air, they have a significant advantage.
Solution: As soon as the player count is under the player count needed for the vehicle (from the server file), you can't rearm it anymore, but just sell it (tanks, helis on the repair pad, planes anywhere instead of service).

This way it will be more balanced.
(Also finally make a timer, so not many people can buy a plane at the same time and break the threshold)

v13 pls

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I've been in a couple of conversations about this with people in the past. The solution to this is having Tigris and cheetah AA be available at a lower player count than the jets. That way even if you can't buy a jet, people can still pull out AA's to deal with them. It would be a bigger issue, if tigris/cheetah player count requirements were the same as jets, but I don't believe that is the typical setup on most servers.

Also the situation you are describing references a scenario when the server is dying, player count is dropping. Typically after a period of being busy. And in this scenario if the pilot is good enough they will stay up for a while but not indefinitely.

Some sort of timer or in game mechanic of some sort to stop people breaking the parity threshold would be useful to stop people breaking that rule.

[ I apologise if this input is unwarranted, I will delete this reply if necessary ]

Oh good people can stay up for a long long time when no other jets are up.

The problem with AA at lower ranks is that it would mostly be used for killing infantry then.
Jets can fly away mostly.

Also this is not just for vanilla but also for 1944 for example.

Giving them only the option to sell instead of replenish ammo and repair is the way to go when there are not enough players imo.