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Changes to vehicle Parity
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Currently servers get extremely stacked. Multiple tanks, attack helicopters and jets on a single team with other teams not being able to get anything up as its impossible to figh against multiple jets and y32's who can get cover from tigrises.

I believe there should be, additionally to the Tank, Heli and Jet parity, a parity which includes all 3 of these To make it impossible to have an unbeatable stack. For example if you have 3 jets already (without the enemies having anything) you should not be able to also buy another y32 and tanks to enable the other teams to retaliate. Furthermore, i believe Tigrises and cheetahs should either be added to the tank parity or get a new parity of their own.

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the_kole created this object in space S1 Public.

The y-32 needs to be moved to the jets category. It is better than buzzards, wipeouts and depending on the pilot and situation neos.
The Skyfires are really effective due to their autofire, which allows the pilot to spam 48 rockets in less than 4 seconds. 8 1-shotting ATGMs, insane climb rate, really effective at 90° diving, which is probably the biggest reason why tanks are basically useless against stacks.

There should be a limit for every type of vehicle. 20 Kamysh are also a force to be reconed with.

the_kole added a comment.EditedDec 14 2018, 1:25 PM

I agree with you, theres also a reason why the y32 is disabled on 2/3 vehicle servers and removal from the third is being discussed.
Maybe its loadout(atgms) needs to be revisited?