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RHS KOTH OpFor scoring bug
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I understand there's always been an issue with scoring especially when there are 3 teams involved however in RHS KOTH there is a bug for OpFor. If you trade kills the scoreboard not only fails to record your trade kill but also subtracts an additional kill from your total so that in effect a trade kill is actually -2 kills.

I can ul a video of this happening where you can see me killed and the score then as my kill registers the score decreases by 1.

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This bug is not only for OpFor, it's a global error in counting score points. If you kill enemy, but you die before that in game log - you get score penalty. The most annoying thing happens if you shoot RPG-7 a full of enemy infantry helicopter and was killed before the moment of blasting, then you have a huge minus in the score table. This bug works vice versa, for example when a helicopter pilot crashed and killed allied infantry, but died first and get + score points for infantry.

I have tested it and it doesn't affect BluFor in RHS KOTH.

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