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Low Intensity Warfare layer for RHS
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I propose a low intensity warfare layer which should be compatible existing maps and game-modes. Please read through the whole suggestion before giving feedback.

Problem - The two modes that is being played are Infantry and Vehicular layers. Vehicle layer is a harsh environment for infantry (especially for new players) and encourages camping and base-rape. Infantry is too drab with very little variety.

Solution - I propose a low intensity warfare layer, where infantry and vehicles are somewhat at parity. This is done by locked to vehicles which have little to no zoom, no FLIR and do not kill infantry outright, equaling the playing field.

  • Most powerful ground vehicles for this layer would be BTR-70/80 and M117 ASV which lack FLIR and excessive zoom. These vehicles are also relatively cheap, thus not locking out vehicles for lower level players. I would have probably recommended up to a BMP (with no FLIR and small zoom) but there is no equivalent for NATO, Bradley is too powerful with it's zoom and FLIR.
  • M1220 four wheeler with M2 CROW should be disabled due to massive zoom and FLIR
  • BRDM-2 and Humvee with TOW should be disabled due to the guided missiles being too powerful against BTRs and M117.
  • All artillery is disabled. BMD-1R with the 12x rockets could be allowed due to how useless it is.
  • ZSU-23-4 Shilka is disabled but AA truck is allowed.
  • The most powerful helicopters would be the OH-6 and Mi24 with only the miniguns & no rockets.
  • Javelin and Stinger/Strela Launchers should be disabled as these would be too powerful.
  • Extended AO areas for vehicles which should incentivize drivers to stay close to AO and support infantry and defend against any thrusts. However these Extended AO areas are only limited to driver's base's side of the AO. **picture here**. The Green AO should be urban areas where infantry get points while the red AO is only for red vehicles and vice versa. This should hopefully reduce instances of vehicles camping the opponents side and stopping players entering AO.

Possible with testing - These could be implement if low intensity warfare proves to be a success.

  • Disabling all small arms optics with zoom except for the marksman. (1x Red dot is allowed)
  • If there was a weakly armored IFV/APC with little zoom and no FLIR equivalent to early BMP/BMD, these could be implemented.
  • If in the future, the T-55 and Patton are implemented with little zoom and no FLIR, this could be implemented as they should not be too powerful as the T-72s and M1A1s.
  • All APC and Tanks are enabled but zoom is nerfed and FLIR is removed.

With these limitations, it negates the current issue found on vehicular servers where vehicles camping far away from the AO and killing anyone going to AO with their massive zoom and FLIR systems from a safe distance. This also gives variety to the current infantry modes where infantry can fight back and make the use of their launchers . Vehicles are now relegated to fire support for the infantry rather than becoming the spearhead. This should prove a balanced and enjoyable game mode for infantry and vehicles alike

Please comment if you like the sound of this and any suggestions for improvement.

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