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Ok as a new server owner its hard to populate as there are so many established servers. On a wishlist kind of idea to make all servers playable, I'm putting the idea out here. As we know lots of people use servers to rank up etc. I am wondering if bots could be inserted to make up the shortfall of players, *Example* My server has 60 slots the server is empty, I join and then 59 bots spawn (in even teams of course ). Then in comes another player a bot drops out once the slot has been filled. and so on until 60 players are in then and all bots have left. I see 2 advantages in this . 1, it would great for new server owners to have an action filled game, even if it has just been purchased, & 2, it would stop people using empty servers as ranking up as it would be impossible to just lie around getting xp and $

Also as the server empties the bots return 1 by one. and if all players leave the all bots drop out until someone rejoins.

Just an idea I had while playing on my empty server :(

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