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neophron / y-32 atgm
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is there any way you can change how these ATGMs get defelected by smoke walls ? cause people right now abuse the shit out of those vehicles by simply divebombing 90 degree from the top and kill you straight through your smokes. when ur lucky you sometimes manage to dodge when you keep driving withing the actual visible smoke wall, but mostly youl get disabled anyway cause it misses just close and the splash of the explosion still damages your vehicle.

also both of these "jets" are more tanks with wings.... they can fly at AA-tanks in a straight line while being sprayed at by the cannons and be perfectly fine wich i think is a bit too much. the neophron can take 2 AA-titans and still fly off with some orange fuel and just go land easily... the xian is just busted with its health its almost unkillable...

a few examples :

neo tanking and then AG in smoke

xian taking 125mm ap tankshell and flying off

smoke ?

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