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Buying Y-32 Xi'an should count towards JET PARITY
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The Y-32 Xi'an is often used to shoot down other jets. The game is suppose to only allow one jet when their are no enemy jets up. However there is a LOOPHOLE where a team can purchase a Y-32 and a jet. It is like TWO jets being able to be bought at one time. This is often over-welling for a team that is not purchasing any vehicles and puts that team into a grid lock and increases the chances of their assets being spawn-camped.

Since the Y-32 is used currently

  • Out-turns other jets when dog fighting; vectoring also helps to pull even tighter turns
  • Auto adjust (green box) for the gunner to shoot other jets
  • Has ALOT of armor when compared to other aircraft
  • Has the speed like a jet; which is WAY more than the other attack helicopters
  • Shoots down other jets excessively well

The Y-32 Xi'an should count towards JET PARITY and not helicopter parity.

I'm afraid some might disagree with me because of a bias towards such vehicle, but I have talked to a few admins and players about this situation and they have experience the negative interaction from Y-32s the current system and agree something needs to be changed. I believe this will serve well and will allow for some balance to restore order.

Charles Rabbit

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