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Games on the test version with priority area take increbily long to finish.
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AO goes back and forth between teams due to the play inside the zone counting as two.

Maybe reduce the points required to win.

It would also be nice if the small AO stopped or slowed down. Right now you have to constantly rush from house to house to keep up with it, which can get you easily killed.

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I actually came here to post something similar.

It seems to me that purpose of the priority zone is to shorten the length of a round by rewarding the team that is playing offensively. It often fails to accomplish this.

In a typical round, the 3 teams each secure a landing zone in the AO that is closest to their safezone and the AO becomes divided into thirds. The priority zone bounces around from edge to edge of the AO, passing over each teams secured section of the AO. You can usually pursue the priority zone out of your team's section a bit, but venturing deep into a rival team's section just isn't worth it.

This creates a situation where each team is essentially taking turns in the priority zone.

I think the easiest fix for this would be to limit the area in which the priority zone moves around in to the inner half of the AO. This would stop arbitrarily rewarding a team for camping safer edges of the AO and instead reward the team that actively fights for it.