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Infamous Vehicle Zoom Bug
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Hello, I believe I may have found the root problem for the vehicle zoom bug that has plagued most players and totally breaks vehicular gameplay. I believe this bug affects both vanilla and RHS KOTH

Description: When players enter vehicles, the zoom does not stay at a constant value changed by the user. The zoom keeps rapidly changing, destroying any semblance of game-play and immersion. This happens when you commander the driver/pilot position. This bug also detaches the mouse control of the vehicle and assigns it to camera view around a set radius of the helicopter, therefore the player is used to resort to using keyboard to have any control of the vehicle inaddtion to the viewing problems.

video evidence found on youtube
personal video evidence starts 2:00. gets bad at 2:24

Reports by other players:
steam bug
steam bug report

How to repeat: Crash or get killed while in vehicle. The vehicle must blow up. Respawn normally and enter the driver/pilot position on the vehicle. Tested in KOTH mode.

Reason behind the bug: From my understanding, I believe this bug to be manifested from the Vanilla Arma 3. In vanilla Arma 3 single player modes, if the vehicle you are inside explodes and the game transitions to the menu screen giving you the option to restart from checkpoint, mission, exit etc, you can see your own blown up vehicle and also the camera zooms in and out. This same effect is seem in this bug, therefore I believe that the bug was inherited from the vanilla Arma 3. I believe that the view effect is still retained after re-spawn, thus the bug manifesting when entering a vehicle.

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It's a well known bug, also known as "Freelook bug", to fix it - get in a passenger seat, then from that passenger seat go to the driver seat without getting out of the vehicle.