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Lase/spotter Assist
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Hey all, new around here sorry if this is in the wrong spot..

I think i speak for all spotters when i say if you lase a vehicle or a player and that asset/player gets killed, you should get a assist or a lase bonus? not sure if it's something that can be implemented or not but i see no other posts about this.

  • - lase within 10m radius of player/vehicle = bonus**


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+1 This use to be a thing and was cool back in the day, not sure why they removed it ;)

In T435#6659, @LEO wrote:

+1 This use to be a thing and was cool back in the day, not sure why they removed it ;)

Alot of people in the servers i play say they should implement something like this, i think it should be because being a spotter isn't as easy as people think.

  • Just having that one person up on a hill calling out enemy tank/infantry positions and guiding other players into taking them out is game changing and surely should be rewarded.

There is a script.. (Still should be in KotH, might not be working if there's no reward).
How it used to work/should work now.

You laser marker an enemy target, while holding the laser an enemy target/vehicle etc. Your teammate uses either a missile or another vehicle to lock onto your laser signature.
And if you kill someone by shooting a lock on projectile at the laser marker it should reward the person lasing.

Concerning sniper spotting or just enemy spotting in general this was brought up way back as well, and was an idea we were looking forward to adding, Sadly afaik the game doesn't understand that the enemy died because you lased it because it was killed without locking onto the laser marker itself. Hence there's no way for it to reward fairly.

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Fixed in v13, locking requirement removed, now if you lase enemy vehicle or player when friendly player shots them for the first time, you get the assist. (If vehicle or player were already damaged by friendly player and you lase enemy afterwards, you won't get the assist)