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insufficient players to purchase a Vehicle/aircraft while enemy has one possible fix.
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Many times In Vehicles servers you find that the enemy will have a jet or MBT when they purchase it at the required 60 player count, but if the player count drops below 60 you are no longer able to get an MBT or Jet thus creating an unfortunate environment of harassment from the enemy and your team is unable to counter it because the number of players is below 60.

my suggestion/idea is that when the player is using a vehicle that requires a 60 player count and the player count is below 60, the user of 60 player required vehicle should not be allowed to rearm forcing them to sell their vehicle/aircraft at main when they run out of ammo.

Share your ideas.

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thegodfatherzs created this object in space S1 Public.

It's easy to take out jets and mbts rn. You can get a Tigris with 40 players and u can get an at launcher or gorgon kadish or anything with 40. It might be harder but it's still doable. I think that your idea of things not being remarkable is good for tanks but with jets it can kind of screw over the pilot.