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Points farming in near-empty servers
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I've peeked into KOTH servers where I can see 1-2-3-4 players playing. In reality they very often have stacked one or other team, sit idle or/and well-hidden in some building and just "farm" xp points. Some even employing timed autoclickers.

I suggest:

  • Change in AFK timeout system. So that player would have ACTUALLY MOVE somewhere on horizontal or vertical axis.At the moment firing a shot from silenced pistol once in every 5min appears to be sufficient to get around AFK timeout. Random timed autoclicker or macro works apparently.
  • In order to start getting points for being in Zone, all sides (vanilla) have to have at least 1 player. So, 3 players (vanilla) to get the game going.

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Welcome to the grindfest that is V10.

There is a big casual audience that can't play for 10 hours a day to get a semi decent assault rifle without waiting weeks, so these people get on an empty server, use a macro and come back every 5-10 minutes to check for their character while doing housework or something.

I don't blame them.