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Quilin and Prowler AT need to be nerfed/Safezone abuse in V10/Launcher Reworks
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Quilin and Prowler AT need to see a nerf. They are incredibly mobile and most important, deadly, even to MBTs. They are basically a ground version of the Buzzard in V9. Please lift their prices.

The mechanic that allows you to loose invulnerability when shooting inside safezone with anything that is not a guided launcher or AA needs to go. Otherwise, we have lots of situations where tank crews can choose when they want to engage the enemy. This is especially annoying when there are spawn to spawn sighlines, such as Pyrgos, where Opfor can look into Indi spawn and vice versa.

It would be nice if we could choose our launcher and then out ammo type with a similar dropdown menu when selecting weapon camos. E.g you buy the Alamut for a slightly increased price of 100k $, then you can choose between 4 different loadouts(since the alamut gets 3 rockets with explosive): AT (2/3 AT rockets); HE (2/3 HE rockets); Mixed HE (2 rockets HE, 1 AT); Mixed AT (2 rockets AT, 1 HE). If the player has no explosive perk selected, both mixed loadouts would lead to the same backpack content.

If a weapon only gets 2 rockets with explosive, the dropdown could have: HE, AT, Mixed as options.

A dropdown on the explosive perk with the option to toggle a 40mm grenade launcher on the weapon would also be appreciated.

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