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The Balance of Attack Helis with Thermal
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The point that i would like to be brought up, is that the current state of attack helis (with thermals) greatly diminishes gameplay of those of a lower level or any level. you cant even land in a little bird without getting blown up from a hind that you cannot see (vise versa for Apaches), where as if you remove thermal the hind would be forced to do a strafing run thus allowing AA to get a solid hit on him. Right now heli's with thermals live in relative peace and quiet, they can see everything from 2k's out in clarity which rivals infantry being 300m from each other.

Just the other day, a person in an attack heli killed 100+ people, he was never over the ao. He was as far as possible where no one could see him.

So what i am suggesting is the removal of all the thermals in the attack helicopters or make them to the point where they can not see anything clearly 1-1.5km out.

The Australian server dealt with this, now it barely gets populated.

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Update, US server has finally had enough of the attack heli thermal spam.

Thermal modes removal is available as server-side admin option.

	// Disables vehicle thermals
	disableVehicleThermals = 0;

but its only on the helis that its causing a real problem.

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The same issue exists with the vanilla KOTH, maybe limit the zoom level to encourage closer engagements ?